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As a Recruitment Agency, an Outplacement Agency or a Professional Coach you know how important it is to introduce suitable candidates in front of your clients. And by bringing the right candidate at each of your customers you will definitely impact positively your reputation as well as a sustainable growth of your revenue.

To reach that goal together with you, Expandur aims to support its partners by helping them to:

  • Deal with dozens or even hundreds of candidates you received for every single position and save time to perform more rewarding and value-added tasks
  • Quickly narrow the field to only most fitting candidates for your customers based on our Model of Excellence
  • Rank and recognize the best match knowing to what extent the work attitude and motivation of a candidate fits the job’s requirements at this unique customer

At Expandur, we believe that assessing objectively and accurately the ATTITUDE and VALUES of a candidate will make your customers grateful but will also reinforce your long-term reputuation.

Providing the solution...

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The solution is to integrate the Expandur tools in your recruiting process for Pre-employment Testing, Profile Matching and Candidate Ranking.
With Expandur you will objectively and accurately measure a person's attitudes and values which will ensure you the best recruitment decisions and in a significant savings in time and money.
Our iWAM and VSQ tools are built to be objective tests that accurately measure how people process and use information. These tests combine recent developments in cognitive science with years of proven research to bring you the fast, affordable way to figure out who is wired for success.

“ Clients love the iWAM because you can customize it to reflect the company's own values. ” - Sarah Ainsworth, Intervention Space

To achieve this goal, Expandur can build a Model of Excellence to test and illustrate the ideal attitudes and motivations the candidates need to have to become a top performer in the unique workplace culture of the customer you are representing.
Thanks to Expandur you will now focus on those candidates with the highest potential and the highest success' predictability at your customers organizations.


For coaches and mentors, Expandur provides proven tools that enhance your one-on-one coaching relationship.

Whether an employee has a specific need for a training or is facing a challenge on his job, he will look to get your help and learn from your experience to keep his careers on track and tackle the problems along the way.
To support you in achieving this goal, Expandur developed an action-oriented approach relying on coaching and mentoring questionnaires that assess skills level, techniques for both short-term and long-term relationships, strengths and areas of development in term of work attitude and motivation. And at the end, this skills that person will learn from our collaboration will benefit him in many aspects of his life.
Our detailed reports describing the person's attitudes, motivations, Emotional Intelligence, and/or values will therefore let you know and use the specific words that will motivate that particular person, and what type of work environment will predict his success.
These detailed feedback reports are also great tools to help managers to better understand what motivates their team members or can also be used to coach the leadership teams of any organizations.

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After several years of loyal service, it's hard to hear one has to leave a company. And for the employee himself it can be a challenging and emotive time.

By partnering with you, Expandur iWAM tools help individuals to give a new direction to their careers, by teaching people to identify and focus on their strengths and work on their weaknesses.
As an employee prepares to find a new job, it is also helpful to know what to look for in an organization. And our reports will predict key motivational and attitude preferences as well as development areas and how this person will behave in various job types, such as administrative, customer contact or managerial tasks.
Thanks to our accurate and objective tools, the Expandur’s assessment will help you to discover what the perfect working environment and job would be for each individual you’re taking care of in this critical period of his career.

Expandur, the best tool to measure
attitude & motivation in the workplace

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The Expandur test is a questionnaire used for job-related activities, such as recruitment, coaching and training projects.

It is based on metaprograms, a model of cognitive thinking styles through which 48 parameters are measured and explained. The Expandur Report identifies a person's motivational and attitude preferences in the job context and predicts how this person will behave in various job types

Scientifically proven

Not only has it been used to get great results in various HRM application domains, such as recruiting, coaching & mentoring, management and team-building, but it's also founded on solid research.

The questionnaire can be administered over the Internet or as a pen-and-paper test. The test is currently available in more than 18 languages and takes about 30 minutes.

What does the solution provide?


Sometimes the moment a candidate walks into the door you get this feeling that the interview might be a waste of time both for you and the candidate. Since Expandur is available on the Internet, it saves you time by testing people even before inviting them for an interview.


Accurate research is our priority. Expandur has been designed to eliminate test falsification, and several universities have been working with us on the validation of the tool.


Why waste time with unnecessary interviews? With jobEQ, you get access to a protected online HR environment, where you can invite candidates, print an individual's report immediately after the test was taken, and follow up the candidates by e-mail.


The management report can also be used as a management and teambuilding tool. The report indicates how persons will react as manager, in an administrative function or in a customer-oriented function. It even indicates what kind of language will motivate the person.