Defining the challenges of the enterprise...

Faced with challenges like candidate drop-off and tight deadlines, hiring managers are finding many of these challenges daunting.

You know how important it is to hire the right employees. If an employee is not performing well, the consequences for the sales figures and the team can be disastrous. How can you objectively and accurately measure a person's attitudes or values? Trying to collect this kind of information during an interview requires costly recruiters, and is very time-consuming.

Three of the most difficult tasks they face are:

  • Finding and Acquiring Top Talent
  • A Clear and Comprehensive Process
  • Hiring the Right (or Wrong) Candidate

As the economy continues its upswing, there will be even more talent acquisition and retention challenges to deal with. If you want to face your biggest ones head on, you’ll find that the secret to your success can be found in the details of your hiring process.

Providing the solution...


Integrate Expandur in your hiring process for pre-employment testing. Our tools are objective tests that accurately measure how people process and use information. These tests combine recent developments in cognitive science with years of proven research to bring you the fast, affordable way to figure out who is wired for success.
To achive this goal, Expandur builds a Model of Excellence to test how much potential the candidates have to become a top performer in the organization.


Know how to manage your employees' strengths and weaknesses. Use the exact words that will motivate a particular employee. Give employees the tasks at which they will perform best. Find out easy things you can do to improve the performance of your department.
Management can be trained to recognize cognitive patterns and manage people according to their strenghts and weaknesses. If a Model of Excellence exists for the type of people the manager is in charge of, the management style can be adapted to it to maximize performance in an organization.


When building a team, one needs to manage diversity by building a complementary group of persons with different attitudes and work approaches, and helping this group to overcome their differences. The iWAM reports will show how complementary team members are and how each of them can be motivated and coached.

“ The iWAM has become a central tool in our approach to executive and leadership development as well as in the development of effective leadership teams. I wish there had been such an instrument available twenty years ago.”
- Carl L. Harshman, Harshman & Associates

Stop guessing! Hire the right people with tools that save you time & money

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The Expandur test is a questionnaire used for job-related activities, such as recruitment, coaching and training projects.

It is based on metaprograms, a model of cognitive thinking styles through which 48 parameters are measured and explained. The Expandur Report identifies a person's motivational and attitude preferences in the job context and predicts how this person will behave in various job types

Scientifically proven

Not only has it been used to get great results in various HRM application domains, such as recruiting, coaching & mentoring, management and team-building, but it's also founded on solid research.

The questionnaire can be administered over the Internet or as a pen-and-paper test. The test is currently available in more than 18 languages and takes about 30 minutes.

What does the solution provide?


Sometimes the moment a candidate walks into the door you get this feeling that the interview might be a waste of time both for you and the candidate. Since Expandur is available on the Internet, it saves you time by testing people even before inviting them for an interview.


Accurate research is our priority. Expandur has been designed to eliminate test falsification, and several universities have been working with us on the validation of the tool.


Why waste time with unnecessary interviews? With jobEQ, you get access to a protected online HR environment, where you can invite candidates, print an individual's report immediately after the test was taken, and follow up the candidates by e-mail.


The management report can also be used as a management and teambuilding tool. The report indicates how persons will react as manager, in an administrative function or in a customer-oriented function. It even indicates what kind of language will motivate the person.