There is no guarantee for success...

Being performant in one company doesn’t guarantee you to be successful in the other.

In today’s economy it’s not only important for employers to find the best fit but also for candidates to increase their chances for success. As a candidate you don’t want to waste time and put focus on those vacancies only where you would be the right fit.

Being qualified and experienced in a specific material or industry is not enough to guarantee success in every company. Will the company culture be right for me and will I be able to (out)perform to the standards and be successful? Does the company expect a problem solver or is it looking for someone extremely patient, do I have enough responsibility or am I more a kind of individual performer? Next to generic skills and experience you might want to understand more about your attitude and professional motivation.

At Expandur we believe these criteria are crucial for success!

Get to know yourself better

Gain bigger understanding of your personal attitude and motivation.
Career path

Maybe you want to avoid boredom or being stuck in a function that doesn't really fit with who you are.
Maybe you want to find a job that's better suited with your current career goals or with your plans for the future. Use Expandur to get out of the rut!
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emotional intelligence

Get to know yourself better. Get your profile for free. We'll help you discover the answers to the following questions:

  • - What motivates you?
  • - How would you organize your work if you had a choice?
  • - What are important values to you?
  • - What are your strongest competencies?
  • - What are your areas of improvement?

Your advantage: your next employer will know who you are and will be able to match his job offer to what you want.

Become happy at work

Not looking for a new job right now? No problem. Use the Expandur profile as a free tool to discover how to increase your Emotional Intelligence and be happier at work!

Expandur : objectively
measure your future!

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expandur assessment certification

Standard report

When completing the Expandur on-line assessment your individual test result (standard) in plain language will be provided to you. It describes the basic characteristics of your attitude in terms of Motivation and Work Organization Preferences.

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Full report

On your request a full report can also be provided with deeper insights on your characteristics of your attitude in terms of Motivation and Work Organization Preferences. This report will be useful to match a company’s criteria when it comes to motivation and attitude.

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More focus and less disappointments

Expandur’s on-line assessment will give you a better view on your work-related strengths and area’s of development and thus increase your chances to qualify for the right job. Future employers will furthermore be able to assess their criteria to your profile and select the right candidates for the job thanks to the on-line assessment platform. This avoids time consuming hiring efforts for both candidates and employers.

Take the on-line assessment, get a standard report and be ready to have future employers analyze your profile based on their criteria

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