Attitude & motivation as the prime selection criteria

Match your culture with the right candidate

Hire high performers instead of low performers


Finding that best fit candidate for your company is a demanding and complex investigation.
We at Expandur believe in the right match by focusing the selection on attitude and motivation. Assessing a candidate requires a subjective yet scientific approach.
Expandur’s innovative platform, based on its model of excellence, provides exactly these insights.

Avoid wasted recruitment, training and costs.

Go beyond skill/will and focus on attitude & motivation.

Hire the best, dismiss the rest...

Expandur for ENTERPRISES

Want to reduce the amount of screenings and prioritize your focus on valuable candidates? Get your HR introduced to Expandur’s unique assessment platform with fantastic results and clear reports.
Increase quality, decrease cost.

Expandur for PARTNERS

As a recruitment agency or coach, you can improve your strong approach towards your customers by adding a new innovative and unique motivation assessment tool. Benefit from our partner conditions to bring value to your network and more profit to your company.

Expandur for CANDIDATES

Want to know how you really stand out in ? Measure your attitude and motivation by completing the unique online assessment in just a few clicks. The results will be usefull to yourself and your future employers.


Map candidate motivation
to company culture.


Core functionalities

Deep analysis

The assessment process provides a deep personal analysis of the motivational and cultural possiblities.

Online assessment

The online tool allows easy acces and provides results in only a few clicks.


Expandur's elegant reporting solution accommodates a broad scope of reporting needs.

Model of excellence

The scientifically proven approach creates a solid model to provide the necessary engine of the platform.

Process automation

Once the model is created, the online tool allows unlimited number of assessments without human interaction.


The attractive online environment provides a clear and user friendly environment for maximal ease of use.

Career guidance

Get the necessary insights to determine long term collaborations and career paths.

Process optimisation

Get to the essence of your interview much quicker.

Get results

Results = Attitude x Values x Competence

Increase hiring efficiency
and reduce costs.

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We just wanted to thank Expandur for all of the hard work and guidance. The model became in no time the core selection tool for all our associates and managers. It is much clearer and easier to understand than any prior tool we ever used. Also the feedback of the candidates has been positive on the changes we made. Laurent Peeters, Geometiri